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  Company Introduction

       Shandong Longkou Kaixiang Co.,Ltd formed in 1991, is the corporation of producing fruits & vegetables
post-harvest equipments ,fruit bags, fruit bag machines,  reflection film,anti-grass cloth, Carbonization furnace.
The company successively invented 128 products such as fruit&vegetable grading machine(apple,
pear,cherry,peach,grape,mango,orange,tomato) ,fruit bag machine(apple,peach,grape,orange,banna,pear,lemon).
We invented more than 30 types of fruit protection bags, including apple, peach, grape, mango, orange, banana,
guava, pear etc, with an annual output capacity of 2 billion fruit bags.We also invented fruit-tree reflection
film ,anti-grass cloth, Carbonization furnace. Because of advanced technology, high quality and great after-sale
service, our products are popular in most parts of
China and exported to many foreign countries, won honour
from domestic and foreign customers.

1. Invented single-layer and double-layer fruit bag machines and the first single-double-layer bags
     machine. The market share of our machines is over 70 percent, saving 500 million U.S. dollars
     of foreign exchange per year.
 2. Invented fruit washing and waxing machine, large-scale fruit and vegetable grading line, all types
     of fruit-grading machines in china.
 3. In 2004, “development of new grading of fruit and vegetable equipment which was admitted by
      China Spark Program. National Item number: 2004EA740064.
  4. In 2008,we started the National Science and Technology of " the export fruit sorting equipment
       line dynamic testing", Agriculture Science and Technology fund project.
  5. In 2007-2008, we undertake the Agriculture Department about "Mango post-harvest handling
       equipment localization "948 "project";
  6. In 2010, we undertake the Agriculture Department about "Vacant single-track the introduction
       of multi-functional machine technology orchard operations, “948 "project".
 7. Kaixiang fruit washing & waxing machine and fruit grading machine are identified by the Agriculture
      Department as proof to make national standard. And they are the first to obtain the Ministry of
      Agriculture to promote agricultural machinery certificate of authenticity in 2008, to become the
      Ministry of Agriculture focused on promoting products in the country, which included more than 20
      provinces, and with agricultural subsidies directory.
 8. Developed more than 30 types of fruit bags, including apples, pears, peaches, grapes, pomegranates,
      mango,loquat, navel oranges, bananas and other fruits etc. With an annual output capacity of 2 billion
      fruits protection bags.
 9. From 2005 to 2009, Kaixiang fruit bags were voted as the “specialized Apple bags” using in the key
      technology demonstration project by the National Ministry of Agriculture.
10. Partner of Chinese Apple Technology Research Center, members of the unit, commitment to the national 
      "research and develop of modern agricultural equipment and technology", "fruit bagging technology" and
      "High quality apple base and brand-building" project.
11. Invented the straw Carbonization furnace.