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Biological carbon: the biomass is high temperature under hypoxia condition, the biomass in the oil and gas burning out, the rest is biological carbon. Biological carbon is almost pure carbon which can be buried underground after hundreds of thousands of years. It will not disappear、equal to carbon sequestration in the soil, to slow global warming, within the scope of the whole world sparked interest in a broad range of biological carbon. Many scientists believe that biological carbon capture carbon element is quite stable, the carbon locked in the underground for hundreds of years and It make soil more fertile; also can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane.
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Wood biological carbon

Apple branches biological carbon

The characteristics of biological carbon black, porous, developed surface, usually specific surface area in 300 ~ 400 M2 g-1, necessary for the growth of plant nutrients and trace elements, with certai...

Oak biological carbon

Oak biological carbon under electron microscopy, voids, have larger surface area in 300 ~ 400 M2 - g-1, the use of biochar can increase soil, soil permeability, water permeability, water retention func...

Bamboo biological carbon

Bamboo biological carbon...
Straw biological carbon