Pear bag
Pear bag
Product specifications: 107 x 80mm
Product type: a layer of bags
Product packaging: carton packaging, each box 20000.
Product application: used in twentieth Century, the new century, crystal pear, Huang Jinli, Feng Shui and other bagging cultivation.
Product advantages:
1, the prevention of pest control pharmaceutical formulations and advanced production technology of paper bags of chemical treatment, has good anti
Disease control role, can effectively prevent scab, Sooty Blotch, Huang Fenya and other pests;
2, the bag of paper through special anti - water, water treatment, has a very good water resistance and water resistance, field application is not broken
3, can reduce the star fruit surface rupture, inhibit fruit rust, prevent the dust pollution of fruit surface pesticide;
4, according to the different varieties of cultivation purposes, the use of different fruit bags can produce a variety of market welcomes the color, fruit
High quality commodity fruit.

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